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Joe Bruno


Community Pharmacies

Deb and I worked together for over 10 years and she helped me hire my current HR coordinator.  She provided HR consulting services and then I hired her to develop and implement a human resources function for my organization.  Deb was quick to analyze what we needed and then put systems in place to make sure we were compliant with employment regulations.  Once the basics were established, she and I worked together to build a culture that employees wanted to be a part of.  

Ellen Menard

Patient Advocacy Expert

and Author


It is a providege to recall the HR work and contribution of Deborah Whitworth.  She demonstrated a determination and creative problem-solving capability that served her many clients within the diverse CHMC enterprise very well.  

Erik Jorgensen

Nonprofit Administrator

State Legislator

It's a pleasure to recommend Deb Whitworth! I first hired her to do some comparative research on salaries in my organization and in our sector, then to work on updating our personnel manual, and finally as an ongoing HR consultant. She has helped us with various HR issues ever since, including health insurance negotiations and regulatory compliance. She has been a superb colleague - extremely responsive, supremely cheerful and always available. She has provided us with a ready source of expertise that was not available in-house before. Would I hire her again? You bet!

Kathy Buxton

HR Manager

Lucas Tree

Deb put together a large group training session for our Managers and Supervisors to aid them in their day to day job duties and decision making. Deb knew the subject matter well and presented it in a way that was easily understood by all that attended. Everyone at the conference walked away with written reference materials used in the presentation. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb for future training.

Tim Sardano

Production Manager

Formerly of HR Times

I've enjoyed working with Deb for several years in both her roles as owner of HR Studio. We've worked on several projects ranging from company branding to editorial to event advertising, and more. She is professional and easy to work with, and we know working with Deb we will meet deadlines and produce an effective product. 

Barbara Bartlett

Chief Human Resources Officer

Infinity Federal Credit Union

HR Studio exceeded our expectations for Supervisory Training.  The class was interactive, creative and fun.  Training with a Twist gave real life examples of how to handle difficult situations.  Deb and her team really made it fun.  

Student survey responses

Leadership Development at Thomas College


What are the instructor's strengths?

  • Great speaker; real life stories go with the topics.

  • Prepared; engaging discussion; passion for the material.

  • Ability to connect with all the students in the class; understands our needs.

  • Knowledgable on the subject and previous experience in the field.

Student survey responses

Leadership Development at Thomas College


What aspects of this course would you keep and why?

  • PowerPoint handout is a great tool for taking notes, etc.

  • Open forum for feedback; well thought out and put together.

  • Very informative of changes over the years

  • The importance to live in a world without surprises; be honest and upfront with employees; remember to praise people daily.

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