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Stomping Out Bullying

What are you doing to prevent bullying?

The bigger question is, "is it enough?" As human resources professionals, we are charged with creating policies for our organizations that mirror state and federal regulations, make good business sense, and provide guidance for acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors. Some of us have policies like Prevention of Harassment and Intimidation, which address and identify bullying behavior. And while it's unfortunate that we even need policies to address such behaviors, we have to ask ourselves another important question: Is my organization doing enough?

It's up to us to always have our big ears on. Others look to us as models of appropriate workplace behavior. We are the benchmark. So many of us are drawn to this profession because we have a passion for helping others, for driving organizations to success through employee engagement, for doing the right thing, and for assisting others in identifying the right thing to do. What we put into print is important. What we practice, model, and observe measures our success.

So today is the day to ask yourself if your organization is doing enough. Today is Unity Day--Wednesday, October 21, 2015. I'm wearing orange today and sending a message to everyone I come in contact with that I'm against bullying and what I stand for is kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Think about what you're doing and try to do just one more thing because together we can put an end to bullying.

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