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Deb was proud to represent the human resources profession as a panel participant on Harassment/Discrimination Training That Works. UnifyMaine held the first annual Bridge & Connect Maine Human Rights Summit on December 10—International Human Rights Day—at the Augusta Civic Center. Together, with representatives from Mindbridge, EEOC, and MECASA, the panel focused on how the audience of attorneys can assist their clients in being proactive to prevent harassment and discrimination. Deb discussed the type of training she provides, what she recommends clients include in their policy statements and employee handbooks, and how to write an effective internal complaint process.

“I encourage my clients to be proactive rather than reactive by writing clear policies, and by following and enforcing them consistently. It’s essential to train managers, and senior leaders need to role model appropriate workplace behaviors. No "off-the-record" inappropriate jokes or slurs, or emails that include sexist comics can be tolerated.”

She stated that “checking the box” isn’t enough when it comes to providing an effective training program. “It starts at the top with respectful treatment from all levels of the organization. Building a Culture of Excellence is the first step to eradicating harassment and discrimination in employment. Mahatma Ghandi said it best: Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Deb provided attorneys with a take-away—her own Tips for the HR Professional.

For more information on what your organization can do to be proactive, the services we provide, or to schedule your 2020 training contact Deb at

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