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Defending Your Documentation

Is your employee file documentation defensible?

The importance of maintaining defensible employment documentation cannot be overstated. Think of an employee personnel file like a puzzle where all of the pieces fit together nicely to create a picture of employment. Big picture thinking puts all of these small employee file puzzles together into one large mural that creates the puzzle of your organization. When you look at each individual employee file puzzle, do you see holes? If you see holes in individual puzzles, then you will have holes in your organization's mural. And, consequently, you will have holes in the defense of your employment practices should a claim be brought against your organization.

When you attend our seminar, Building Your Brand Through the Employee Experience, you'll learn firsthand how to create defensible documentation. We'll discuss how to build job descriptions that mirror the job, key elements of the performance evaluation meeting, why it's important to document verbal warnings, and why a phone call sometimes makes more sense than an email.

Putting all of the pieces of your organization's puzzle together is a key part of shaping the story your brand tells -- and consequently the experience it delivers. We'll discuss why the employment experience is equally important as "getting the job done."

Join us September 29 in Falmouth for a full day seminar. We'll help you create defensible documentation AND build your brand. Visit our SHOP page for more information.

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